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Teach you how to prevent static electricity

If the brake fluid is close to lower limit or below the lower limit system may leak or excessive brake wear, it is timely to the depot for repair. If the lease expires does not deliver the vehicle, with an average price per day to 4 hours plus liquidated damages by the hour. Distance range, km price to rent charge. While overtime, extra when calculated according to the highest bidder. A case study in Poussin, average overtime charge 30 yuan per hour, extra charge 0.75 Yuan per kilometer. After the signing, followed by vehicle, complete vehicle. Shenyang rental cars that are both found in the condition, it is essential, to avoid disputes when delivery. Vehicle safety, directly affects the safety of brakes, steering, lighting, review it carefully. First visually inspect, look at the body has no scratches, headlights are complete, locks are normal. Then open the hood, view the fuel, coolant, lubricants, brake fluid, battery and drive systems and other major components. If you are a residential or non-accident within the scope of the traffic Administrative Department of management, you need to register with the local authority's certificate. Midnight   midnight 1 o'clock to 3 o'clock in the morning, everything in "hibernation" to make drivers prone to road "open" feeling, often months black thin just hurry, then uplifted, speeding. Very long driver's car hit roadside trees, and buildings are still unaware. Shenyang rental cars and human circadian rhythms in the brain this time slow, decreased blood pressure, limbs stiff blood vessels and nerves, paralysis, due to extreme fatigue, people with poor cardiac function is also likely to cause cardiac arrest, myocardial infarction and cerebral thrombosis, which lurks the crisis of traffic accidents. Sick people can learn how to drive, provisions in relevant laws, and no motion sickness cannot learn, but in reality, people who give up because of motion sickness is also very small.   "Sick people can learn to drive. Originally planned to buy b-class person, now may begin to buy a car, and who was going to buy a new car, may have started buying old cars by now, maybe there will be more people plan to use public transport, taxi or rental car. In fact, even in countries where car ownership is high in Europe and America, as a one-time low cost, more convenient and more economical a way of rent a car has become a popular choice for business people and the younger generation. But business starts low, are not to scale, car rental is limited to some business customers. In the special circumstances of the financial crisis, people are beginning to realize that the car is actually a more economic and more active lifestyles. "With limited money in Exchange for unlimited enjoyment." Regular washing and waxing the car or fuel-efficient.
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