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Simple maintenance of circuit and circuit

Shenyang rental cars spring car circuit and the circuit of simple maintenance poor fuel atomization conditions, especially vehicles carburetor, generally difficult to activate, is starting cannot be immediately transferred to a functional State. So, for winter maintenance, cleaning oil dredging, airway, check throttle, choke, accelerator pump and vacuum pump works, should be in shape. While adjusting idle speed oil concentrations, to ensure the normal operation when cold idle. Circuits are mainly checked the distributor of Platinum electrodes and spark plug clearance. Platinum distributor contacts should be clean and free of ablation, interface is more than 70%, the gap should be between 0.3 to 0.45 mm. Using electronic ignition model, generally between 0.6 to 0.7 mm spark plug gap, spark plug gap is too large, cold engine hard to start when if the clearance is too small, the engine power output reduced, increased fuel consumption, exhaust emissions standard. Shenyang rental cars spring car maintenance, engine oil and filter replacement, lubrication in the engine oil, relates to the service life of the engine. Some drivers do not understand this truth, just replace any brand of oil sthnzkgt4-21, it's easy to make engine cylinder, burning machinery accidents. Engine oil replacement is generally about 10,000 km, and some require 7,000 km or 5,000 km oil change, these can be determined in accordance with your driving conditions and road conditions. But when you change the oil do not add unnecessary additives, wear-resistant agent. Shanghai car rental network experts important to draw attention to changing the oil change the oil filter, in order to save money, do not change the oil filter, the oil properties and the effect will be greatly reduced. Due to the large sand spring, car will be a lot of dust, clean car very easy to scratch the paint, so this season to give the car waxes, glazes, paint some more love. To pay attention to when choosing car wax, normal, oily, solid wax stain because there is no adhesion, easy (after rain left the watermark, etc) and scrapes the paint, not lasting light of the shortcomings have been phased out, it is best to give the car a glaze or coating, not only can paint a lasting light, also can protect paint from sand invasion.  
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