Car sense

Rental vehicle torsion pendulum method

Shenyang rental car into the cab, to adjust to suit your driving position, and then from left to right, every instrument in the familiar functions and location of operation. In order to master the instrument and operation location, one can read the vehicle manual control as shown in the manual, all clear, particularly for imported cars, auxiliary instruments are more difficult to understand, but also to look. Second, in cases with no manual, directly to the owners understood that in case of fumble in the driving distracted. In particular each stall, Horn, wipers, light switches, automatic door locks, instrument, and of the various warning lights switch location. Powered vehicles, hands-on and over. Car through the deeper water or mud-filled road, regular tyre lost friction and slipping,  car went out of control and direction. Once a runaway tire through the water, contact with relatively dry ground,  and restore the grip, at this point the body will twist by uneven rear wheel force should lift the brake pedal and hold the steering wheel, and a little throttle to control vehicle condition, and then take the loose throttle speed to balance the vehicle was fully under control. Into the water or brake shoes soaking can cause brake failure or reduced sensitivity, you should frequently touch on the brake pedal, depending on slight braking deceleration, while the heat from the brake the brake is baking in order to facilitate the recovery of braking performance, such as the urgency of the situation, apply Handbrake parking.
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