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Rainy day drive in case of emergency treatment

Roads are slippery in the rain, decline in tire adhesion, braking effectiveness will be decreased significantly. If the speed is too fast, inertial force increases, when in case of emergency, the pilot's action cannot be fully reflected in the vehicle, leaving a very large security risk. Keep driving stability, do not hide and right-left. Some drivers see water while driving, often immediately hit the brakes to slow and Dodge around. This will actually make the drivers behind and not know how to respond, are prone to accidents. In fact, as long as it is not more than 120mm under normal speed, water depth can be adopted. Wade to control the throttle, do not slam on, so that the resistance of the water increases, tire slip, may also make the engine inhale water droplets. Cars in the driving direction suddenly went out of control and should be determined using the foot brake parking, but be careful not to step too hard, so as to avoid vehicle skidding accidents. Shenyang rental cars if the foot brake, hand brake and also hit the steering wheel as far as possible to places where there are natural barriers, parking use roadside obstructions out of danger. Drivers all know, heavier the car more gas, so that alloy wheels car fuel and suitable for high speeds and stability good, capable of absorbing vibration and noise in the campaign. Fuel-efficient cars are equipped with radial tires and high wear resistance. Automatic transmission cars easy, automatic transmission equipped with an automatic control device, driving gears can be adjusted automatically according to the speed, eliminating the need for shifting and riding clutch thing, but because the power transmission automatic transmission is achieved by hydraulic, gas, especially at low speeds or is the stop-and-go traffic, increases fuel consumption.
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