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Problems when rental cars

Now very much engaged in wedding-related businesses, cohabitation, recommended operating time, large-scale, high integrity business. If some small brands, even if the price advantages, also well chosen. Wedding day is seeking a smooth steady, if you encounter unexpected conditions, experienced larger companies would be easier to deal with. Next, you can call target business information. Inquiries, several of your favorite car whether billing, quotation, remember to ask, whether at a special rate. Condition is of interest to you must part. More car models of new or old, appearance of wear and so on, their prices will have a big gap. Shenyang rental car optional in good condition is very important car to check the rental vehicle licence date, generally a year or two off the new cars will not have much of a problem. Then, check to see if it looks serious scratches, tires rims deformation. Finally, hear the engine sound is abnormal when you test drive, check whether the brake wheel misalignment. In addition, note also that the car insurance category, and based on the time of registration is accurate, fuel and mileage should also be checked.
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