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Power steering fluid leak-prevention measures

Lubrication system is the effective lubrication of parts of a car engine in case of excessive wear. In general cases, automobile once per driving 5000km-10000km cleaning and maintenance will be required, in the event of excessive engine noise, accelerated weakness also need cleaning and maintenance when the water temperature is too high. Cleaning inside the engine oil sludge and other deposits to avoid oil under high temperature oxidation thickening, reducing wear on the engine parts, longer engine life, improve engine powered. Normally, auto driving 10000km-15000km when cleaning and maintenance 1 times, or when you discover that the engine breath and shaking, hysteresis and bad, black smoke, when weakness, gas cleaning and maintenance 1. Clear resin and carbon within the system, and prevents harmful corrosion, avoid and stop the seal and leakage of water tank, completely replaced the old coolant. Under normal circumstances, car in the winter and summer seasons should be cleaning and maintenance normal cleaning once every 6 months to 8 months, or if water temperature is too high, water leakage, boiling, cleaning and maintenance. Clear traces of cause the engine to overheat and scale, and prevents harmful corrosion, avoid and stop the seal and leakage of water tank, completely replaced the old coolant. Auto driving 40000km-45000km cleaning required maintenance time, or in case of leakage in steering difficulty system, after replacing power steering parts, cleaning and maintenance. Clearing system of harmful sludge, varnish, clear steering difficulties in low temperature, suppression and prevention of the power steering fluid leaking, remove steering noise, completely replace the old brake steering fluid. Car every time you drive 50000km cleaning and maintenance, or in case of premature ABS reaction, slower cleaning and maintenance. Clear toxic sludge in the system paint, ultra high temperature or low temperature is cleared out of danger, to prevent brake fluid deterioration expired, completely replace the old brake fluid. Also check battery electrolyte, usually two years replace battery. Apart from maintenance-free batteries, and ordinary battery to replenish electrolytes and keep the battery lid vents unobstructed. Tire pressure not to expect too much. By Visual inspection if tires are cracked and bulging, that will need to be replaced. Vehicles more than 60,000 kilometers, the tire should be replaced. Lines view cannot be ignored. And bare wire is damaged the car of spontaneous combustion hidden trouble, the owner usually pays a little attention, you can identify problems and maintenance in advance.
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