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Internal oil cleaning method

Dirty oil sludge deposits formed in abrasive wear, thereby increasing the friction and wear of the various components, reduce every part of life. Dirty oil sludge deposits will make the oil flow in the valve tubing is impeded, the effects of power transmission, so that the automatic transmission speed is slow or stall, which will enable a shift without oil burned. Third, the dirty oil will make the premature aging of rubber sealing ring between the cylinders, each cylinder of the hydraulic unloading affected, may also result in slow speed and stall failure, serious friction plate slip, burning. Shenyang rental cars launched in front of open switch, do not direct. Opens the switch of motor vehicles usually have a self test, you will see all the LEDs light up, then extinguished one by one, the whole post after the end of the process (usually about 3 seconds) can be started. Car rent procedures are known, then selected cars, front first to choose a good reputation of selected leasing company, which is the prerequisite. Then tailored to choose from cars, vans or SUVs, depending on the number and route of travel was. Shenyang rental cars, but most of the candidates have a basic requirements, fuel efficient, rugged, high by most popular. Drivers all know, heavier the car more gas, so that alloy wheels car fuel and suitable for high speeds and stability good, capable of absorbing vibration and noise in the campaign. Fuel-efficient cars are equipped with radial tires and high wear resistance. Automatic transmission cars easy, automatic transmission equipped with an automatic control device, driving gears can be adjusted automatically according to the speed, eliminating the need for shifting and riding clutch thing, but because the power transmission automatic transmission is achieved by hydraulic, gas, especially at low speeds or is the stop-and-go traffic, increases fuel consumption. Beyond bicycles, must be prepared to cope with sudden preparation. Especially when turning. To prevention with suddenly turn of bike collided, should in from bike 20 meters yiwai ming, motioned, as bike no reaction, should ahead of received small throttle deceleration, Shenyang car rental do at any time parking of prepared; car in cross junction right turn Qian, if in from junction 20 meters within has with direction bike forward Shi, best deceleration, bike drove after again line right turn, such can avoid bike hit in turn car of right occurred accident; in traffic lamp, for Red allows right turn of junction, Ahead in the bike to get the green light. In the absence of light encountered when riding a bike on the highway, so be careful. Encountered in the city traffic on their own, to focus observe speed riding a car on the right side of the bike, bike to prevent Excel suddenly rode into motorway.
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