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How to avoid wheel misalignment

Insufficient tire pressure, abnormal wear of wheels; four wheel alignment data subject to change. If the owner has appeared in all three cases, you should immediately stop, check carefully, avoid the phenomenon of deviation of the wheel. Owners can also hear voices and their own feelings to judge whether front wheel or rear wheel appeared snaking indication. Under normal circumstances, precursor to rear-wheel deflection is not obvious, car owners, listen to rear wheel rim voice, if gaps in the sound, you should immediately check. Front indication of deviation is relatively easy to perceive, usually the wheel left or right wheel with varying degrees of tilt, big noise at the same time, it should immediately get off and check the front wheel. Shenyang rental cars beforehand to understand the rental company cars. If travel is traveling to a scenic spot, and many mountain, you can consider renting cross-country caravan with better performance. If road conditions good, you can select a car. First seen from the appearance of the car, no scratches on the surface, lights are complete, whether the lock works, then open the hood, check coolant, oil, battery status, approval to cab see oil table, brakes, air condition is normal. When the rental company car rental mileage restrictions, pay special attention to the speedometer. If these are approved, and then drive the feeling, judging the basic condition of the vehicle.
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