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How to adjust the rear-view mirror

Leased vehicles to car rental companies, need to be carefully checked, even some small trouble to make it clear, not hasty to catch a glimpse of the car is to avoid traffic accidents, and second, reduce trouble when you return the car. All instruments, the operating system, and the second position. Long brake failure should immediately use the handbrake parking, pulling the hand brake not in one step, pull shall be adjusted where appropriate, step by step. Such as Handbrake failure quickly grab method is used to swap low-grade, and choose clear of obstacles, using force to stop driving. Distance should be tested, if necessary, to become familiar with and check the clutch, throttle, brake and engine work, found that the problem should be indicated to the owners in a timely manner. Check the last items are filled in Shenyang rental contract vehicle, this is a process of mutual finds the condition. This procedure when it comes to cars then, so be sure to take seriously. Within the urban area straight ahead fifty or sixty metres; high-speed road sight at 200 metres above; in March, often at the same time look ahead a few cars in the operation; seat adjustment has two purposes: to comfort and safety. If the ride uncomfortable, can affect a driver's mood, causing traffic accidents. For security considerations, the pedal (throttle, braking) when you step on the end, legs should be bent still remains, in favour of the legs in an emergency force in a timely manner. Rear-view mirror adjustment is to eliminate the blind spot in the field. Rearview mirror will not only be able to see the rear and on either side of the traffic conditions should also see its own situation. Which is more conducive to reversing and parking. With the car moving slowly at least through the front end, see roads, especially in the crater bumpy sections of the road, if necessary, a queue half a body, so that early knowledge of the front. According to the engine and driving experience, general urban driving, the engine speed should be maintained at around 2000 RPM. This way, you can give full play to good and reconciliation of economic fuel consumption driving mode. Neutral at low speed when braking distance and braking distance when there is not much, some older drivers slide short block is not in order to save oil, but preventing them from extinction. New drivers for some driving habits should be reasonable in screening studies.
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