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Car waxing tips

Car waxing can form a wax film on the surface of the paint, inhibit the oxidation of harmful components on the car paint, UV-resistant, increase in brightness. Can say that waxing is a great way to protect the paint, but waxes have a lot of knowledge, many kinds of waxes, quality is uneven, selection must be prudent, wrong choice of accelerated aging finish. Audio fear of dust. When your car when driving on dirt roads, try not to open Windows, to avoid excessive dust from the exterior into the car, and, it is best to adjust the outer circulation of air conditioning to the inner loop, to avoid dust on the sound practices. The harm of dust on the car stereo is very common, Shenyang rental cars for example lead disc problems, reading difficult or even not read discs, and radio interference, are likely to be caused by the dust against, so pay special attention to. How to prolong the service life of the light bulb: after buying the car or replace with new bulb, the bulb with alcohol wipe it again to remove fingerprints and grease. With idle speed warming Shi, due to speed lower, machine pump cannot more fast to will lubricants pressure into the lubrication surface, hydraulic also low, makes engine the movement parts in dry friction or half dry friction State Xia work; fuel for low temperature atomization bad, makes not burning of fuel (mixed gas) channeling into crankshaft box, scour off cylinder wall Shang of oil film, also will accelerated parts of wear. Therefore, the engine starts after a few seconds, fast idle temperature (on modern cars dedicated a fast idle devices, temperature rise, automatically adjusting to the idle state), improved lubrication of the engine. Gasoline not only flammable and toxic. Leaded gasoline in particular, can damage the human nervous system, digestive tract and the kidneys. In addition, also contains high concentrations of sulfur compounds in gasoline, hydrogen sulfide, a degree of toxicity. If the pipe plug, owners through pipe quickly suck, gasoline inhalation easily in the stomach, which can cause nausea and abdominal pain, and even result in poisoning or death. If the vehicle is on the road there is a tubing plug situation, remember not to use mouth suction, especially in leaded gasoline. In case of inhalation, push yourself to make it to the hospital for treatment after vomiting. If tubing jam problems, best to call qualified personnel for help. On the choice of roads never drove the car from the outset more complex road, for example: pothole in life, crowded roads (vehicle stop-and-go for a break-in period of very bad), smooth road, Shenyang rental vehicles operating in a fluid state. Then is speed of problem, many people are know running period of speed don't had fast, this is right of, but has experience of people know, running period Shi from time to time run run high-speed on vehicles instead has help, because just engine, transmission, and four round mechanical system and tire are need in must of speed Xia continued warm-up, let mutual Zhijian of "communication" reached best effect. Start cheering can't be rushed, reaches a certain speed to shift gears.
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