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Car waterproof work of necessity

Rains of acidic components in the vehicle's painted finish has a very strong corroding effect over time can damage the paintwork of cars, so that in the spring with more rain, seasonal maintenance must not overlook the waterproof work of car. At the time of seasonal maintenance work, it is best to also give your car a varnished beauty. Waxing is the most simple and longer more effective technique is glaze beauty. Shenyang car rental spring temperatures rise, coupled with the wet air, is a season of growth of bacteria multiply, so pay special attention to car interior against bacteria work, let the car dry indoor health. Professional advice: maintenance of disinfection should also give the car interior, namely indoor cleaning beauty. Then a layer of leather care wax for leather seats and prevent cracks in the leather seats. Remove room odors and bacteria, keeping this small space clean and sanitary. Let us always a breath of fresh air. Are most likely to nod off in the spring season, spring drive, not only try not to driver fatigue, and travel, to control your speed, try to avoid some of the dangers of driving and bad driving habits and harmonious traffic from you and I do. Spring is rainy weather, the car looks more stain easily, combined with the effects of acid rain, if not washed off the car of sediment, it is easy to damage the paint, rust-prone vehicles. Car wash should be used when special cleaning fluid, prolonged use of washing powder or SOAP will cause the paint to lose Sekisawa, serious or will corrode paint surfaces. Car rental in Shenyang at the same time try not to bright light exposure and hot car wash cars, which could easily lead to finish off. Due to the heating system used throughout the winter we, in warm conditions, it is good place for bacterial growth, so come spring, sterilization and maintenance of the air conditioning system is necessary. Shenyang rental car condensers is air conditioning radiator, once clogged air conditioning cooling effect will decrease, so we maintain at the same time, must not forget this important part. Spring, temperatures rising, some friends found insufficient coolant in the radiator, just feel free to supplement with water. Automotive antifreeze is not the topic, but water and build scale, rust, and a low boiling point, it is easy to result ":". Therefore cannot be freely replaced coolant with water. And change the cooling liquid by the way check the left and right side drain holes are blocked, so that after the rain, poor drainage, and back into the car.  
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