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Car maintenance tank scale commonly used cleaning method

Due to the tank's water temperature is kept at high temperature, which will make the carbon and hydrogen in the water is combined with calcium and magnesium in plasma to form calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate is insoluble in water, commonly known as water alkalinity. Then as the water continues to evaporate and concentrate, increased water alkalinity content and saturated and formed the scale. Add contains a high concentration of calcium and magnesium ions in pure water is actually easier than ordinary tap water to form scale, so add this to the water tank of pure water to inhibit the tank did not have any role in the formation of scale. &Nbsp; 

car damage of circulating sea water scale  

as we all know, under normal conditions, water tank is heat dissipation of, but once water spots around the tank, it will greatly affect the cooling effect of the water tank. Because the scale has a low coefficient of thermal conductivity, is only 1/25 of cast iron, brass, 1/50, formed in the cylinder liner and cylinder head channels of scale, the local area due to poor heat dissipation and temperature rise, can result in cracks and weak parts of engine cylinder deformation. It also just poor cooling performance cooling system, the local temperature and worsen lubrication, engine temperature, and accelerated wear of the engine system; also blocking heat pipes and cooling system piping, significantly reducing heat, overheating of the engine directly endanger the safety of the driver.  

scale cleanup method  

1. manual cleaning method: the need to remove radiator, with artificial hammer, scrape, shovel to remove scale; low efficiency of scale, intensity, easy to clean, easy to cause secondary damage to the water tank.  

2. common scale cleaner: the need to remove the water tank, clean thoroughly, large odor, strong corrosive, cause water tank aging and shorten its life.  

3. professional automobile radiator cleaner: no demolition can be cleaned, and in conditions of non-stop cleaning. Special scale cleaning agents directly into the vehicle in water circulation system, let it soak, idle cycles or 20-30 minutes later, system of tank and cleaner emissions, and add water repeatedly washed can effectively remove the engine water circulation system in the scale, rust, mud and all kinds of harmful substances.

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