Car sense

Before driving to the car for a comprehensive physical examination

Brakes by "stepping on a cockroach," a foot brake it-enhance the safety awareness of the owners and driver training classes, coaches specifically for emergency braking exercises, emergency brake brake as cockroaches, tried to slam on the brakes. So, when is the best time to brake it? According to these experts, throttle release of Flash on the brake effect is most obvious. Often using the throttle on the engine is bad; errors, often in the engine speed in gear more than 4000 not only harmless, and the engine has some benefits, often neutral throttle at high speed until the engine is very bad for a long time. Shenyang rental holiday breaks down is the most disappointing thing, so each driving some vehicles for a full physical examination. Including spare tire air pressure is appropriate, whether the normal state of fire extinguishers, adequacy of coolant, oil, and so on. In addition, also be prepared a car power inverter for car. Now people travel often carry GPS, computers, cell phones and other electronic equipment, car power inverter, and where you can ensure that the normal use of the equipment. Finally, if it is to the more remote regions travel should also prepare some fuel additive to prevent poor-quality gasoline engine damage. After you've got oil on the glass may not be observed with the naked eye, but Wipers Wiper effectiveness will be greatly reduced. At this time you must use FAT kind of cleaning agent to remove the fat. Those caused by gravel and the windshield wiper inclusion of permanent scratches and trauma caused by impact glass stones, polishing and repair should be performed.
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