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An important factor influencing automatic transmission service life

Automatic transmission brake with adjustable structure needs adjustments to compensate for normal wear and tear. Brake adjustment shall be in accordance with the manufacturer's technical requirements adjustment can be judged by their road test results. Brake adjustment of job position, depending on the transmission type is different. Parking in the ramp, you should stop turning elected to p, then release the brake pedal, Shenyang rental cars should not slide down on their own. If you need to select the selector lever from p-displacement open, remember that you must first press the brake pedal, otherwise it will pick up, so when you stop without braking performance should check maintenance. Shenyang rental cars strictly controlled automatic gearbox oil quantity of the fuel, the performance and service life are affected. If the oil level is below standard oil pump will suck air, causes the air mixed with the fluid, reduce the pressure, the control valve and the actuator moves out, understeer if dip-slip control valve body in transmission oil, hydraulic brake and clutch automatic transmission oil blocking the drain port. Correct way to park your car on level pavement, selector rod into the parking (p), from fuel injected automatic transmission fluid up to the required standard. Start the engine, in the case of engine running at idle speed, move the selector Rod through all the returned to p stall after stall, and then again to the required standards. Shenyang rental cars to strengthen inspection. Automatic transmission oil check suppliers are different, check oil volume is different. Checks typically required to change transmission on thermal (oil temperature of 50 ° c 80 ° c), engine idling, selection of automatic transmission selector lever the selector lever rotation travel for short periods, torque and plenty of oil tanks. Oil level should reach around the oil dipstick provided on the upper scale prevail. Oil temperature is the automatic transmission and automatic transmission service life is one of the most important factors. Shenyang rental cars while cleaning the air filter, remove the filter with a soft brush along the crease brush to the surface of the filter dust, then gently pat face to get rid of dust. You should note with a clean cloth or rubber stopper blocked both ends of the filter case swept under the dust into the filter surface. Journey check the temperature of the transmission housing is normal, the temperature is too high, should immediately stop maintenance. Most automatic transmissions require regular oil change, oil change period of domestic automobile driving 8100 km, import car driving 24,000 kilometers, or when parking for more than a year, have all the oil should be replaced.
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