Shenyang rental mortgage cheat after 2 million

A youth without a proper job, but every day porn and live a life of luxury, this anomaly attracted the attention of the police. Investigation, police found that "rich man" behind a series of fraud cases, when and as police prepared to arrest them, the desperate "rich man" gave himself up ... ...  

rich man  

in mid-April, police police branch mining area of responsibility touch when the law and order situation in the area, says one young man to stay public, no proper job, but big spenders, live in luxury, and often to change time of a few months, get ten or twenty cars such as BMW, Buick, very suspicious. Based on this clue, the police conducted a secret survey of the man, learned man surnamed Li, jingjing, Hebei, and masses are true and complete. Previous experience of handling cases, preliminary analysis of the civilian police, the person is likely to be from rental companies rent a car, mortgage borrowing way profiteering.  

Advisory   continuously;

coincidence is that work has only just begun and there are people one after another to the police advisory. Consultation are surprisingly consistent, are asking, if someone from the leasing company rental car mortgage-borrows money, finally do? One of "consultation" on hand that there were 66 such mortgages, and several "consultants" are said, mortgaged to their civilian police are investigating Lee. More and more clear, the police launched a hunt for Lee, but operations have been relatively regular Lee suddenly disappeared. According to his family, said, this time, in addition to civilian police, but there are many strangers come and say to Lee, Lee is out to creditors.  

lease   adjourned;

just when police to Lee Hunt, the night of May 4, dejected Lee runs surrendered to the police. Originally, Li's family told him the police looking for him, and cornered by creditors of its own, to choose surrender. Police handled the case, although Li is a University graduate, or legal professional, but their means of fraud is not wise, is from the Shenyang rental cars car dealers, and then according to the vehicle owner information, owners of forged identity cards and vehicle registration certificates and other formalities, and cheap mortgage scam. Only it is more cunning, one mortgage at a time when Lee would take 32,000 employees posing as the owner, with hired photos fake owner ID, and took him to the mortgage vehicles, pretend to be owners lost their gambling, will voluntary mortgage, to reassure each other  


according to police, Lee on September 18 last year, this year on April 25, the lie from the same rental company rented 22 car, involving up to 2.1 million Yuan. Although Lee has never stopped paying rent, but rented so much car, never still, leasing companies should remain alert. However, driven by interests, leasing companies charge exorbitant rents, have never been taken against Lee restrictions, can be said to be in the Tiger, encouraged Lee's arrogance. In a fraud to Li's 2.1 million yuan in cash, seven hundred thousand or eight hundred thousand Yuan is Shenyang rental cars rent and hundreds of thousands of Yuan to pay interest on loans, that he squandered the rest empty.  

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