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Common engine antifreeze generally needs to be replaced only once every two years, long life antifreeze can be up to 4 years, owners can use time to determine if you need to replace. Foshan, according to climate, antifreeze by the date on the line, cars no problem, no need to rush to change. Journey will make car paint dirty, paint check needs to be done, back for a thorough cleaning is essential, Shenyang car Polish directly to the beauty shop, the cost is not high. Long-distance driving many owners like to roll down the window, but because of the window open for too long in the wild, accumulate a lot of dust in the cars, need a professional steam cleaner to dry these parts. Air conditioning maintenance is divided into two areas, one is in returning travelers who check in front of the air conditioning refrigerant tanks, are there any leaks because of the bumps or impacts; second because road conditions caused by air conditioning radiator and pipe large amounts of dust. The inflation pressure of the front wheels and the rear wheels respectively, or driving force will not result in tire blowout. Normal tire pressure should be around 2.2-2.5, due in the summer low. Because the car at high speeds for a long time, tire friction heat generated circulated too late will increase pressure inside the tyre. Increase tire temperature, wear more vulnerable to tire early airburst. When the replacement and installation of tires, wheels, position angle of the tire and wheel weight distribution changes, force does not have the most direct impact is tires, local individual tire tread wear, summer long or prone to tire when running at high speed. Irregular wear to change tires, Shenyang car wheel alignment and balancing should be provided. When the potholed roads, slow speed, reduced steering under load. Do not move in simple equipment, the technical level is not high maintenance and maintenance of roadside shops. If correction properly, will cause the jam, traffic and personal life-threatening situation. In four-wheeled harness, change the frame adjustment after the Steering rod, paying particular attention to protective cover cannot be bent gives and Assembly are not comprehensive, otherwise it will cause sheathing loss. Arising out of the use of grease will gradually become dirty, spoiled, lubricating ability of decay and wear of material will gradually rise, abrasive wear phenomena grew heavy steering wheel wear dramatically. Every 100,000 miles or so to deal with maintenance of machines for a complete, comprehensive cleaning, filling grease again.
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