Shenyang rental cars driving the fire

Just past 51 small holiday rental self drive tourists to become the main force of the many scenic spots in Shenyang, welcoming a total of 18,000 a scenic, driving nearly 5,000 vehicles, self drive tourists reached 13,000 2010 self-drive visitors grew by 30%. Self-drive tourists, many people rent a car came, in addition to car-free "books" or even foreign drivers, many from the field. In this regard, many industry insiders pointed out that recently the car rental industry has been developing rapidly in the major cities, and many scenic attention to self drive tour, visitors are willing to pay, Shenyang rental cars driving the fire!

motorists also loves the car rental self drive

from driving more and more popular in recent years, has accounted for 30%-40% or more which to fit, and this percentage continues to grow. With the growth of private car ownership, growth is still accelerating. Which many people rent a car, Miss Huang is one of the representatives, "I like travelling very much, but don't like the team the kind of ease, especially early on; now, buying a car and not really reality, therefore I will rent a car traveling with friends on the weekend, major tourist scenic spot in the province, together fight fare and petrol, a bargain. ”

from weekends and holidays, Shenyang driving accounted for the total number of tourists visiting the scenic 70%, accounted for about 80% fit, than in the previous two years had greatly improved. Resort rooms leave room to travel to 50%, remaining mainly to ctrip, elong, ticket online booking platform, easy to drive, proportionally more than the team. 2010 years ago visitors from driving tour 2009, increasing by 30%, easy to drive tourists also specially built several in scenic spots around the Park.

in addition to "car-free" rental car outside, many car owners are also beginning to select drive. Sun is a government unit staff car several times and friends is a choice destination for outbound tours car rental self drive. Self-driving rush hot car rental industry in Shenyang

at present, under the influence of consumption habits and modes of travel, Shenyang passenger car rental market is highly concentrated geographically, has a lot of scale in more than 500 vehicles of leasing companies. From the development level, the Shenyang rental vehicle penetration rate has reached near 1.3%, close to the level of developed countries. Two or three lines of urban market in recent years has been rapid and significant development, car rental vehicles expanded rapidly in Shenyang, all leasing companies have sprung up was born. Insiders pointed out that in China, with the acceleration of the short term rental market starts, long term rent market share decreased year by year, but still accounted for a larger share.

according to statistics, the international market more mature car markets in the short term, China has just started, currently consumes 18% of car rental market, the average occupancy rate of about 60%. Roland Berger surveys, more than three-fourths individual customers rent a car mainly used for weekend holidays and leisure travel and family visits. Personal customers about 60% for "book", they have pressure or afford the car fare, or because usually there is no demand for cars, so no car. Holiday outings on the weekends, they want the flexibility to master the road trip, and may carry some tourist products, and select to increase the fun of tourism. There are some users while a car, but due to the high numbers of peers needs to rent a car or rent a larger car.

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