Shenyang four misunderstandings of coach hire

Take you understand four misunderstandings of Shenyang's coach hire

for new Shenyang rental car novice, Shenyang rental experience is very important for the first time, some people because knowledge is not very understanding of Shenyang rental cars, easily some of the errors enter Shenyang rental cars, car rental suppliers in Shenyang, resulting in unpleasant, may even increase consumer understanding of Shenyang rental cars car rental industry of Shenyang misinterpreted as a whole. In order to avoid the appearance of these conditions, Shenyang rental cars specially put together four products car accessible error in Shenyang, Shenyang rental friend a heads up.  

myth one: cheap selected informal small business  

in Shenyang rental cars, many consumers, price is the first, where cheap car rental company in Shenyang, which is rent, regardless of whether the company's regular, in fact, it's easy to gain. Because in some small companies, because deletion of insurance and other convenient shoe covers services, in the form of rent may be cheaper than most legitimate car rental company in Shenyang, but in case of an accident, without any protection, the losses may be greater.  

Shenyang when the rental car, the best choice for large chain companies, would rather spend a little more money, less, a heart. Major car rental companies like Shenyang rental cars, after the large-scale operation, the Shenyang high rental prices have squeezed out, but also often introduce some promotions, advantages in terms of price and very obvious. Selected car rental companies the most simple way is to see if the leasing company with more than 100 cars, and the number of stores in the city are more than three, because this is the most basic conditions of approval.  

myth: when you pick up the car looks not only test drive  

condition is good or bad, are consumers care about. But many consumers are limited to vehicle condition the appearance of old and new, just to see the car new, immediately making the decision to leave. In fact, the car has a very important part of the internal condition of the vehicle, internal parts of vehicles is not easily will be able to see with the naked eye, so test drive becomes very important. Under normal circumstances, Shenyang rental cars first check appearance, such as body has no scratches, headlights are complete, locks are normal. And then to open the car door, view the freeze, batteries, oil, brake fluid, engine oil. Finally, test drive a while, familiar with the overall performance of the car, in order to ensure foolproof condition.  

myth three: Shenyang rental car insurance insurance  

Shenyang usually rent a car, rent which comes with a basic insurance, this is car rental in Shenyang, some large companies must pay, a lot of people thought that the insurance on all vehicles, some scratches can be counted. In fact, this is a big misunderstanding, basic insurance covers only provide basic protection for the large costs of insured, some minor accidents and not included in the range. If you need more comprehensive protection, it is best to purchase any excess risk. Car rental in Shenyang, China, after the customer purchases, excluding franchise services, vehicle insurance customers are required to shoulder in 1500 deductible portion will consist of China Shenyang rental cars and insurance. In addition, after the accident, the tenant will have to pay a certain amount of accelerated depreciation, when the may contract with a car rental company in Shenyang Advisory clear.  

myth four: car broke his    

car rental in Shenyang during car fails, the mind must be in contact in the first car rental company in Shenyang. A lot of people in order to facilitate, will find the nearest car repair, themselves. In fact, this is not correct, because different conditions, responses are not the same, Shenyang rental companies more resolve to protect consumers ' rights are not violated, and Shenyang, more convenient car rental customers. And, like large chains such as car rental companies in Shenyang, China, service network coverage is very wide, inform the maintenance is also more convenient. Also remind you of is that if a traffic accident occurs, you must notify the traffic Administrative Department of.

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