Shenyang foreign guests car rental self drive tours

4th is the first day of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, learned from the number of car rental companies in Shenyang, bookings have more than 60% during the Dragon Boat Festival, affordable car is running low. In addition to business travelers outside, the Dragon Boat Festival holiday rental clients are mostly foreign tourists in Shenyang.

"vehicle tension during the Dragon Boat Festival, want to rent the formalities as soon as possible, but is not guaranteed to get the car you want. "4th, Jinan, contacted a number of car rental companies, and staff that are basically the same. Fu overpass near a car rental company's Manager said, the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, more than 30 vehicles had been leased out for 80% or so, a few cars left to stay aside. "Usually our main skinny fast clients is a long-term car rental businesses in Shenyang, individual customers is relatively small. Dragon Boat Festival these days, individual customers increased considerably. ”

"the Festival is leasing a small peak a few days ago, we had more business than usual 1 time. "From street free b green room 610, a car rental company staff said. The staff member received two phone calls in a row, are advisory dragon boat hire in Shenyang. "Tiger, Le wind, fit, junjie had been booked out. Only a few of the Mazda 2 and Peugeot 307 can be rented. ”

in addition to the usual focus on business travelers outside, during the Dragon Boat Festival, Shenyang rental home customers have increased markedly. Shenyang rental customers with the Spring Festival period is to drive to the field trip or visit a different, Dragon-Boat Festival around Shenyang rental car customers and more than half of the outsiders. Most of them are by plane or train to Jinan traffic such as English learning tools and then in Jinan, Shenyang rental cars or visiting relatives or traveling to various tourist attractions by car.

on the current rental market in Shenyang, June more, Regal, excelle, accord, Passat and other luxury cars more popular, like Chery tiggo medium SUV also get recognition. While Shenyang, some models of the car rental market is tight, but rents have not much gain. Some tight car rental per day between 150 to 280 Yuan. It's no different with the usual price. But there are also individual rental car company during the holidays before the price rose around 20 Yuan.

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