Reason of high summer car fuel consumption

Summer of high fuel consumption an important reason is the excessive usage of vehicle air conditioning. Therefore, reducing the fuel consumption of vehicle air conditioning, will lower the vehicle's actual fuel consumption. Some car owners to make the car cooler, car air conditioning temperature setting on the minimum temperature value. In this way, air conditioning pump constantly running, the blower also has been in a high wind, and fuel consumption will increase, and the inside and outside of the car are too big, are easy to catch a cold. Therefore, setting vehicle air conditioning temperatures, generally set at 25 ℃. The summer temperature is too high, the gasoline in the fuel tank is easy to evaporate. So, if only in urban driving, there is no need to tank too full, Shenyang rental cars achieve a fuel tank capacity of 70% or 80% is sufficient. Vehicle headlight blinding light formed in the rain scene, to switch to the fog lamps. If have fogged the view on the front glass needs to turn on the air conditioning and refrigeration switch, wind blows windshields, which can quickly make the sight clear; rear windshield when the fog appears, open the rear windshield heater, as soon as possible to eliminate fog. Under the influence of seasonal changes, air conditioning maintenance is a very important thing in the spring, because it is directly related to the owner's use of air conditioning and life, timely and accurate maintenance of owner at ease to enjoy in-car comfort zone   to clean and fresh. So how to do that in order to enjoy this comfort? First of all, to purposefully. North spring climate features dry, Sandy, this is car air conditioning in spring encounter "invisible killer".   To regularly clean the condenser, evaporator surface clean and free of impurities, condensers can be better distributed to outside heat can also enhance the using effect of air conditioning. Then check the fan is free of foreign matter, garbage on the road, the stone  , hindered the work of fans of sediment, Shenyang rental cars to make the efficiency greatly reduced. Second, regular cleaning, replace the cabin air filter on a regular basis in order to maintain good quality of air-conditioning. After we finished our chassis care professional, also is not foolproof, and there is a misunderstanding, it's often to car to car washing themselves, which often add some detergent. Because the automatic transmissions and a neutral start switch. Transmission engine only in p or n block, avoid shift false start for other vehicle flees immediately started forward. Therefore, before start the engine make sure that the gear lever is in p or n gear. Cart engine, equipped with automatic transmission and three-way catalytic converter of power shortage can't start car battery, push or other method for vehicle drag is very wrong. By using the above method is not to deliver power to the engine, it will damage the catalytic converter.
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