Necessity of ignition wires to be replaced periodically

Most of the owners are habitual focus of spark plug for car maintenance, but also in the entire ignition system spark plug wire position should not be underestimated. Especially for its special location and environment, making ignition wires are very prone to aging and damaged. Shenyang rental car ignition wires in the event of a problem, it will spark enough energy and, thus, high fuel consumption and low dynamic phenomena such as fire breaks. For engines equipped with three-way catalytic systems, such a problem is lethal. According to the survey, ignition wires should be replaced every 20,000 miles. Most owners are found only in the case of problems have worsened all ignition wires provoked trouble really regret late. Therefore, careful owners after watching a small addendum to the proposal must remember to periodically change the spark plug wire. Car break-in aims to adapt the body parts function's ability to adjust and upgrade. Overhaul of new cars, trucks and loaded with overhauled engine car in the early stages to go through running, in order to complement mechanical anastomosis of the friction surfaces processing, to ensure a smooth transition to normal use. Not so fast: strict driving rules is to avoid the throttle full open; second, to keep the engine's normal operating temperature. Cycling must not, at this time walkthrough, go tearing away. Speed should be controlled within specified speed, new and overhauled the carburetor is equipped with speed-limiting devices, Shenyang rental cars should not be disassembled. Spring dust and food debris inside the car easy to breed bacteria and mites and is prone to respiratory diseases in spring time, space in the car ride between the most vulnerable to infection. Therefore, kill harmful bacteria in the car is a very important job. Typically, steam sterilization and Photocatalyst in two ways. Steam sterilization is the aim the steam jet of steam engine roof, seats, plush, air, instrument panel, trunk, using steam jets of up to 130 ° c steam to kill harmful bacteria in the vehicle and removing odors in the air. Photocatalyst is the Photocatalyst spray in ceilings, non-contact operation table, around the doors, tiny substances such as bacteria and mites, as well as break down into carbon dioxide and water, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization and deodorization.
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