International car rental pragmatic environmental pioneer

International car rental pragmatic environmental pioneer

recently Avis international car rental with SAIC group is one of the first independent research and development of new energy vehicles, roewe 750Hybrid reached a strategic cooperation. As the direction for future development of new energy automobiles are the major car manufacturers competing for important future market. From the just ended the English learning of the Shanghai International Auto show, we can see the major car manufacturers are also timely introduction of new energy vehicles and hybrid vehicles. Difference is that new energy vehicles are no longer exotic concept cars, but is practical and real commercial property car.

in recent years countries through various means such as subsidies to encourage consumption of new energy vehicles, new energy vehicles and the distance between consumers and markets are progressively closer. Avis international car rental with SAIC the first independent research and development, the first mass production and sales of high-end roewe brand new energy car 750 Hybrid, a strategic cooperation. Avis international car rental green market one of the most important driving force for new energy vehicles.

environmental protection act

as the car rental industry's leading brands, car rental Avis international car rental has been advocating environmental protection of the user experience.

Avis international car rental terms, environmental protection not only philosophy, attitude, but also a pragmatic action. Car roewe 750 Hybrid this strategic cooperation is SAIC roewe 750 and new platforms, through the use of high-voltage hybrid motor development of hybrid cars. Its five-speed automatic gearbox and 1.8T  hybrid energy-efficient engines, real green shoe covers environmental concepts into reality. In addition, Avis international car rental can also be seen on the official website, launched a series of low-emission environmental Avis international car rental car rental, for example: smart, musical styles, and a Carnival. And in various promotional activities, Avis international car rental customers are encouraged to use cars with smaller engines, low carbon and environmental protection. While Avis international car rental also introduced the timeshare rental (Car Sharing) and "hitch", such as car rental, improve cycling efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

more important is that the car itself is an environmentally-friendly way. With the rapid development of society, vehicles of increasing pressures on the environment and traffic can be expected, many people began to strongly promote low carbon travel, encourage people to buy cars as little as possible, car rental. Car rental for the reduction of the number of private cars, alleviate the pressure of traffic, parking, sharing the road, plays an important role in helping energy-saving and emission reduction, is also in line with the city of green, environmental protection and low-carbon development.

responsibility, bearing hope

while Avis international car rental is concerned about environmental protection and the use of renewable energy sources, and to participate effectively in a number of projects to improve energy use. Avis international car rental in Chinese Sichuan and Guizhou construction of hydroelectric power station, using pet supplies more water for electricity generation, using environmentally-friendly renewable energy instead of coal to generate electricity. This time sign strategic cooperation with SAIC, Avis international car rental also participate in the promotion of new energy vehicle commercialization, market-oriented action.

environmental protection, require long-term attention and action are needed every responsibility and mission of enterprises and individuals were involved in the operation, is in today's sense, carrying the hope of tomorrow. Avis international car rental market development and corporate social responsibility as a lifeline to more than 60 years of development to maintain its position as a market leader.

Avis China after 8 years of growth, participating in important projects such as the Olympic Games and the World Expo, has become covered in 28 cities, the largest chain stores up, various types of services most of the leading brand of the professional car rental services. Avis international car rental will "redouble our efforts", continue to provide high quality services for Chinese consumers, leading China travel new ways.

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