Hot-not in advance to rent the car rental industry in Shenyang

2010 for most auto manufacturers, distributors, and sales good year---national sold more than 18 million cars, auto sales last year of about more than 140,000 vehicles in Shenyang.

However, in parallel with the car the necessities of life becomes public, inconvenience caused road congestion makes many people out of the car, and set his sights on car rental industry.

hot car rental industry in Shenyang

about 80% car rental

yesterday, reporters examined the 10 larger Shenyang rental cars, car rental shop in Shenyang, which has five staff members at the press conference, dialing the phone and informed: over time, please call now have customers don't have the time or manpower to reception.

"the car rental industry witnessed a gradual warming trend in recent years, about 100 cars in the line now, not rented car had less than 20, if you want to rent, general conventions for more than half a month in advance, it will be difficult to rent a car, let alone rent a car. "Ms shenyangantai car rental Center beam. Subsequently, the car rental industry is hot this phenomenon in other six car rental companies staff, are to be believed.

travel car rentals Ltd Shenyang Aetna Manager also said that had it not been for a few years sales of the automotive market, in car life "appearance rate" higher and higher, and would not quite part of the buy and not to buy a car between consumers, or accept car rental.

"the end of the boom is consistent, passenger car rental in Shenyang, but usually not in the minority, currently about 80% car has been rented. "Aetna car rental company staff said.

Shenyang rental cars is currently more inclined to coaches, to rental car customers probably consists of two parts, the part mainly focuses on enterprise long-term tenants, another part is mainly for personal use in the short-term tenants, this category of tenants accounting for about 30% of the total number of tenants.

increasing cost of keeping a car

car rental benefits

Shenyang car rental pricing compared special, to according to vehicles of grade, and using years, aspects integrated consider, currently Shenyang area all rental company of car rental price differences sex also larger, carried 1 years around of company, to middle and low times car for main products, carried time long of is more to high-end times car rent out for main project, rental way to day rent mainly, rental 10 days above will will has different degree of price offers.

displacement of 1.6 liters and below cars, daily rental price at between 120 and 300 yuan are most common, such as the 1.6 liter Jetta car rental price is 150 Yuan/territory, even the rent above 10th or free day discount.

more than 1.6 liter displacement cars, rental price of less than 200 Yuan/day the above, such as 1.8 liter Jetta automatic transmission rent is 280 Yuan/territory day, for 10 days or more save 40 Yuan a day rent. There is another day of Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles only rent up to 1500, price ranked first in the incomplete statistics.

"as long as customers pay amounts ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 yuan deposit, you can take the car, if you are seriously scraping the under car days, pay for repairs and delayed occupancy of the rental, if there is a large degree of scraping, you need insurance claim maintenance costs to be borne, at around 20%. "Ms Leung said.

now people cars to about 100,000 yuan more car-oriented, with the increase of car insurance, parking fees and other expenses, compare car rental prices are not high, people will naturally increasingly tend to be relatively cheap and flexible car rental.

Shenyang rental company expansion

each year about vote for baibashiwan

because the generally optimistic about the car rental market in Shenyang, businesses have vied for market share.

Aetna rental car company official said, according to the statistics, before in August last year, there are more than 4,000 enterprises engaged in automobile leasing, leasing vehicles total about 40,000 vehicles, in the newly established company in 2009, street and few peers, in 2010, the only "out of thin air" a lot more leasing companies, "If the prospects are still good will increase investment. ”

of the above managers also said, the company was founded over 6 years, input baibashiwan to purchase a new car every year, expanded the company. Another 6 home rental company said it may consider increasing investment every year.

in addition, more than Beijing, car rental companies have received more than billion capital injection and scale at the same time, also rapidly strengthen themselves, more Nissan than directly to consumers, to set up a "rental" rental brands.

diversity increased demand

car rental industry has a future

auto industry expert Jia xinguang believes that hot car rental industry in Shenyang, also illustrated by the increase in demand for cars, car rental is more suitable for shorter time consumers, business people.

"car rental first mainly welcomed by foreign companies in China, foreign companies came to China, usually in order to reduce the amount of resources consumed by car, the cars, so I tend to use the way to lower the cost of car rental, gradually evolved into the later being accepted and recognized by more and more people, also grow in the industry. "Jia xinguang said.

also, with the purchase of various preferential policies in 2011 have been cancelled, the car cost virtually raised the number of people, from the other side or to promote the leasing industry to develop.

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