Excessive wear of the brake disc damage and ruled out

Good habits reduce fuel consumption. In the course of driving skill is the most simple and effective way to reduce fuel consumption, the same car, different driver to drive, and fuel consumption are also different, many owners because of their driving habits and greatly increasing the fuel consumption. Under normal circumstances, good driving habits can very well save on fuel costs, many owners of a fuel-efficient is the secret: light start, slow refueling, attention to Shenyang rental cars driving, found abnormal road conditions ahead, avoid temporary halt. Like the traffic light ahead, oil according to speed ahead, forward by inertia, rather than approaching a red light brakes. Also, familiarize yourself with the route as far as possible, avoid congested roads. Sudden acceleration consumes several times more than the slow acceleration of gasoline, so keep the vehicles driving at a constant speed to avoid urgent acceleration or emergency deceleration. Although these are all driving in the small details, but can not be ignored, because add up will be able to save a lot of money. Brake disc and brake shoes are a pair of friction, brake wear, brake disc will also have a certain degree of wear, the reason is very simple, but many people only pay attention to maintenance replacement shoe, but often neglect to replace brake discs. Shenyang rental consequences of excessive wear of brake disc is very serious, first of all, due to surface roughness decreases, making the actual contact area is small, resulting in insufficient braking power; in addition, wear and heat capacity of brake disc, brake temperature increase soon, more prone to heat. All of these are very dangerous. Some repair shops on the lathe, wear of the brake disc surface, commonly known as "CD", so that the surface is flat, but thinner, brake heat fading phenomenon will be even more serious, in addition, produced during the processing of high temperature annealing of brake disc, further reduces mechanical strength. In General, the brake shoes replacement 2-3 times, the brake disc should be replaced. Effect of cylinder pressure Enhancer for longer mileage vehicles, the effect is obvious. It just helps get the engine to lose power. For new cars, it is starting to reduce friction, reduce friction and increase motivation. General knowledge, its use is to keep the engine moving parts in good working condition. Shenyang rental cars spark plugs cylinder line Eddy current effect of cylinder lines and spark plug is to improve ignition performance, traffic in the urban areas, low speed driving the effect is most pronounced. Eddy-current Accelerator speeds higher than 60KM runs, the best.  
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