Engine engine should not be done in the State of matter

Engine while the engine, do not open the radiator CAP, otherwise it may be spilled coolant or steam burns. After the engine cools, check the coolant fluid level should be at the full level and between low or distilled or purified water should be added (add mineral water) or refrigerated liquid, add water to liquid height cannot be more than full. If coolant reduces very quickly within a short time, you should check the cooling system for leaks or to the depot to check. Brake is between high and low is normal. If the brake fluid is close to lower limit or below the lower limit system may leak or excessive brake wear, it is timely to the depot for repair. When adding brake fluid, note that adding the same type of brake fluid, prevent damage to the leather Cup, pay attention to protect the paint to prevent corrosion paint. Shenyang car rental company of responsibility and obligations: guarantee vehicles rent out Shi performance good, prepared tire, and with car tool, complete effective, and and car rental people handover clear; is responsible for about provides of vehicles various insurance, and various tax and the management fee; is responsible for on rent out of vehicles for normal of repair and regularly maintenance; is responsible for on rent out vehicles to specified car garage for maintenance; Shenyang car rental assist car rental people processing occurred of traffic accident and by insurance company provides handle claims procedures; car rental procedures understand has, zhihou is selected car has, Selected good front first selects one of the leasing company, which is the prerequisite. Parking and storage, slow, but prone to scratches. To maintain idle speed, that is, not to step on the gas, control of clutch, slow-moving, adjust the spaces, and continually monitor the rearview mirror on both sides; in addition to the back lot of obstacles when parking outside, paying particular attention are high undetected fire hydrants, steps and other obstacles and depression on the ground. Beginners somebody better point. Novice driving in the wrong lane and even into the reverse line stall occurred, the road accident is not uncommon, as rookie beginners tend to panic, anxious to restore normal traffic, leading to dangerous.
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