Couple of Shenyang rental scam

Rental cars, removed GPS, opened to take the mortgage money, Lu of a continuous, such tactics "deduction" for seven times.

learned from the police in Benxi, on January 31, the owners of a car rental company in Shenyang reported, a man surnamed Lu in front in the second half, walking from the Shenyang passenger car rental companies rent a car, then disappeared, the owners suspect vehicles have been sold.

police investigation, Lu is locked ' hideout, February 2, at 2 o'clock in the morning, the police in a flat in dongling district of Shenyang, Hui Lu and his girlfriend suspects captured.

Lu account since August last year, own seven times with girlfriend hui in Benxi Hirayama, Mingshan and other places of tourism car rental car rental, after every time you rent a car, they would be removed in-vehicle GPS positioning system, and then soar to places such as Shenyang, tieling car mortgages, after obtaining the money squandered.

Lu January 11 this year for alleged fraud fugitive by the Public Security Bureau of Benxi City as the Internet.

at present, Lu has been detained, Whitney a guarantor in accordance with law, the case is under further investigation.

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