Coach hire market confusion

Not long ago, Ms Shen anchored in the motor coach hire company's Camry was easily deceived by people using forged documents to rent, then changed hands to sell to the secondary market. This incident is not a case, yesterday, a reporter for Shenyang motor coach hire market research found that Shenyang motor coach hire car cheat rent in market chaos led to the accident.

last May, the Lady heard friends say that Shen live in Shenyang rental cars to make money, with the help of friends and relatives in, Shenyang commercial bank loan of 100,000 yuan as down payment, then dealt with 120,000 yuan, Bank of China mortgage, buy a Toyota Camry car worth more than 230,000 yuan.

0:30 on March 1 this year, a man called Zhao Fubo flat rented out long motor coach hire Ms Shen's Camry. "Because the network is not stable, I am not the man's identity on the Internet. Just watch Zhao Fubo produced driver's licenses and ID cards, give him the rental formalities. "Jia Fubin, head of long motor coach hire said, when Zhao Fubo paying 2000 Yuan deposit.

on March 5, was Zhao Fubo rental car over time, but he did not return the car on time. Jia Fubin called Zhao Fubo, Zhao said there are things to be done on the phone and he agreed to return the next day.

by March 6, Zhao Fubo does not appear. Jia Fubin tries to phone Zhao Fubo, found that he had shut down. The same day, Jia Fubin through GPS positioning system find Camry parked in a Tai CI Qiao used car market.

on March 7, Jia Fubin and Shen came to the secondary market just knew, his car has been Zhao Fubo trafficking.

MS Shen conditions encountered, is not the first case in Shenyang. Reporters found that as early as the end of 2005, Shenyang, Lee has used passenger car leasing industry vulnerability, his real identity and Shenyang, INTAN 7 auto rental contract coach hire firm, sold and rented vehicles, respectively personal or mortgage jimaixing cash.

buses in Shenyang city branch of the Criminal Investigation Brigade instructor Wu Xiaojun believes that caused coach hire-car market as the most important point is that driving a motor coach hire company threshold is very low. According to the Shenyang industrial and commercial Bureau staff, to start a motor coach hire company in Shenyang, simply prepare corresponding materials in accordance with company law. On the company's site, coach hire and vehicles identification systems, there are no requirements.

"If you want to change better coach hire-car market chaos, into special trade passenger car rental industry management. "Wu Xiaojun introduction at present in Guizhou province, into the management of special trades have Internet cafes, hotel and entertainment industries. If coach hire vehicles into special trade management, so police can monitor each passenger car leasing car goes in a timely manner.

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