Cars and car rental deal

Car and rental car deal

     Shenyang rental cars worth? Buy a car worth? Which mode of transport is more suitable, like the couples will each have their own reasons. You are in any case, to choose just to do it. In terms of transport costs, we invited two representative views of owners, according to their different needs, list their vehicle expense list.

     owner: Dong Liang

     car concept: Shenyang to rent than to buy the right

     reason: my car is basically a weekend or holidays out, usually units have a shuttle to and from work. So, if you buy a car, year of vehicle usage may even to 30%. A 70,000 family cars, a year of owning a car costs more than 7000 Yuan, can I rent a car many times!

     book computing: car rental: 200 to 300 yuan/day (usually family cars, long term rental bargains) oil from +200 1000 Yuan fee (according to the distance travelled), some may require a driver, fare includes driver wages, but tube driver Board. If I'm going to go out and play for two days over the weekend, car rental cost remained at 800 Yuan, even out 20 times a year, generally 15000 fix.

     buy car costs: car price 70,000 yuan + insurance 4000 Yuan + Beach outside ring costs 2338.2 Yuan + fell brand fee 200 Yuan + acquisition tax 5982 Yuan + travel tax 360 Yuan, purchase a car car one-time input on have 82880.2 Yuan, this also not is late of annual 7000 Yuan around of maintenance fee, and 5000 Yuan around of oil fee, and 1000 Yuan around of parking fee, various expenditure, alone early input out car price, Basically just me out many times.

     many owners interviewed, we found groups like Shenyang rental cars are mostly young people, infrequently used vehicles, no purchases yet, due to various reasons they calculated the taxi cost is cheaper than buying a car a lot, reducing invisible loss of funds.

     owner: Huang Zhi

     car concept: car rental does not give others the

     reason: my company is not in Shenyang, first I think to buy a car is not appropriate, as are a small half-do not use, as the cost of renting fares rise, new car prices gradually come down, I began to feel that buying a car is better than rent to the actual. An Audi or BMW, tens of thousands of Yuan a month's rental fee is down, a year's money was enough for me to buy a car.

     book computing: car rental: Audi A6L800/day (with a driver, long-term lease can bargain) + oil costs 200 to 400 Yuan (some oil in vehicles in the urban area runs), at least 1000 Yuan a day, 20 days a month is 20000 Yuan, 8 months is 160,000 yuan a year. And cannot guarantee the cleanliness of the trucks, cars and so on.

     fee for buying a car: Audi A6L02.0T done almost more than 400,000 yuan, was a two-year rental.

     currently shenyangantai car rental service company has also introduced a form of lease financing zero down payment car leasing, owners in Shenyang passenger car leasing vehicles after a certain number of years, based on the depreciated in the market to buy this car. It's a bit similar to a car loan, but differ in the details.

     vehicles in this way offers including prices and surcharges, premiums, down licensing fees, taxes, interest on car loans and so on, can be divided into 36 months, 48 months, 60 months lease, cost tens of thousands of Yuan per month, on bus after the term of the lease, all owners of vehicles can be attributed.

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