Car rental new concept of rapid development of low carbon

Closely watched Beijing Programme on December 23, 2010 final rule blocking, the programme determines the future Beijing, limiting the number of cars per month to 20,000 individual drivers each customer is limited to one car, through a lottery for free vehicle licence. Upon introduction of the programme, a time of Beijing auto market "earthquake". There is no doubt that restriction policies to inhibit the growth of motor vehicles in Beijing has reached an immediate effect, but the actual useful consumer car demand is still there, for these groups, car rental is naturally seen as the preferred way. And some of the staff who are here to work for large companies, because the Beijing vehicle does not facilitate, and also bring to the rental market a certain source. Comprehensive information, can CAB has been the coming of spring to the conclusion.

as if fish-belly grey sky car rental market is increasingly attracting the attention of domestic and foreign capital. Massive cash injection may change the current integration of low status of domestic car rental industry, for the industry as a whole, who pioneered the breakthrough financial bottlenecks, who will dominate, have the opportunity to become the industry leader. Investment professionals view, in public consumption hot spots such as hotels, tourism after the fade, as represented by the car rental industry in Shenyang's new public transport will be the future direction of new investment.

chain car dash even in European and American countries with high car ownership, as a one-time investment cost low, but more convenient and economic way of life, car rental is a popular choice for business people and the younger generation. United States, for example, while car ownership in the world's leading, but Shenyang passenger car rental industry continues to thrive. According to the data, in the form of leasing new cars sold United States vehicle sales volume of about 1/3. In contrast, low car rental business starts in Shenyang, also does not scale, even if China's largest national chains, car rental companies, rental cars only in its possession for thousands of cars, great space.

car rental industry in China in accordance with the market divided into two broad categories, small cars and buses. Small-car market is mainly concentrated in individual rentals and business rentals, wedding rentals dominated by demand for luxury cars in market demand for the company's needs and business car market. Large passenger car demand is concentrated in units such as schools, shopping malls and supermarkets customers, broken down into long-term and short-term leases, to unit group shuttle needs long-term leasing market is gradually being accepted by the market, short-term rentals to customers meeting and tourist markets, like the season of spring and autumn market, demand for passenger cars relative tension. Phase corresponds to of car rental company,, also main is divided into three a category, as State of baic rental, and first steam rental, and Jinjiang car and clouds rental,, they relies on huge of taxi team to operation, features is localized property strong, business more single, usually only oriented enterprise customer; foreign operation of as AVIS, and Hertz, international car rental brand, its in global accumulated of do meter members in China and no comes, and due to supply chain and abroad fracture, reasons, makes its in China of development and expansion speed are more slow ; National range of chain type private car rental company considered is industry in of rising star, in recent years development speed soon, its features is dot distribution wide, easy offsite also car, rent period flexible, business main oriented consumers, also including enterprise user, to a Hi car rental, and China car rental and extreme car rental this three home company for representative, currently in private car rental industry in the occupy first echelon of location.

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