Benefits of 51 short course car rental

May day as only 3 days of holiday, so long distance tour cool, short-term travel becomes the absolute protagonist of, the tour operators were also specially designed many short routes to facilitate tourist choice. Although 51 holidays have 10 days time, but sign up for is still very active, and rhyme is, 51 also holidays select self-drive holiday rose a lot, Shenyang rental cars and much of the way people select to implement your own self drive tour dream. Be clear what kind of specifications for your car's Wiper Blade, can refer to cars manual. As he was confused, let parts store clerk for help identifying. In addition, note also that the support Rod connects to the wiper arm matches, because the arm is fixed with screw on the rocker arm, while others are built with cam buckle lock, buy if you happen to look. Driving in the rain, whether rain is small or large, if a windshield wiper failure cannot be ruled out, can't scrape the windshield above the rain, people's attention will extremely decline, safety cannot be guaranteed. Front of engine, front axle drive mode is mainly used in small and medium sized cars, advantage is a drive shaft, floor flat, compact drive system, weight, floor lower, down the center of gravity. Shenyang rental cars, but the downside is the uphill weight backward, front axle load, does not produce enough traction, front axle weight on a slippery road and does not produce enough traction; downhill front axle overload, especially in downhill brake front axle load further. This model should not be on and off the slopes more mountains.   Rear engine, rear-drive mode is mainly used in the micro-car, the advantage is a drive shaft, adhesion, traction, less wheelbase, no exhaust pipe under the floor, engine emissions, noise will not pollute the Interior.

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